GDOT Pre-Qualification

X 1.01 State Wide Systems Planning   __ 3.09 Traffic Control Systems Analysis, Design, and Implementation
X 1.02 Urban Area and Regional Transportation Planning   X 3.10 Utility Coordination
__ 1.03 Aviation Systems Planning   X 3.11 Architecture
X 1.04 Mass and Rapid Transportation Planning   X 3.12 Hydraulic and Hydrological Studies (Roadway)
X 1.05 Alternate System and Corridor Location Planning   X 3.13 Facilities for Bicycles and Pedestrians
__ 1.06 Unknown   __ 3.14 Historic Rehabilitation
X 1.06a NEPA Documentation   __ 3.15 Highway Lighting
X 1.06b History   __ 3.16 Value Engineering
X 1.06c Air Studies   __ 3.17 Design of Toll Facilities Infrastructure
X 1.06d Noise Studies  
X 1.06e Ecology   4. HIGHWAY STRUCTURES
X 1.06f Archaeology   X 4.01 Minor Bridges Design
__ 1.06g Freshwater Aquatic Surveys   X 4.02 Major Bridges Design
X 1.07 Attitude, Opinion and Community Value Studies   __ 4.03 Movable Span Bridges Design
__ 1.08 Airport Master Planning   X 4.04 Hydraulic and Hydrological Studies (Bridges)
X 1.09 Location Studies   X 4.05 Bridge Inspection
X 1.10 Traffic Studies  
__ 1.11 Traffic and Toll Revenue Studies   5. TOPOGRAPHY
X 1.12 Major Investment Studies   X 5.01 Land Surveying
X 1.13 Non-Motorized Transportation Planning   X 5.02 Engineering Surveying
    X 5.03 Geodetic Surveying
2. MASS TRANSIT OPERATIONS   __ 5.04 Aerial Photography
X 2.01 Mass Transit Program (Systems) Evaluation   __ 5.05 Aerial Photogrammetry
X 2.02 Mass Transit Feasibility and Technical Studies   __ 5.06 Topographic Remote Sensing
__ 2.03 Mass Transit Vehicle and Propoulsion System   X 5.07 Cartography
__ 2.04 Mass Transit Controls, Communications and Information Systems   X 5.08 Subsurface Utility Engineering
__ 2.05 Mass Transit Architectural Engineering  
X 2.06 Mass Transit Unique Structures   6. SOILS, FOUNDATION & MATERIALS TESTING
__ 2.07 Mass Transit Electrical and Mechanical Systems   X 6.01a Soil Surveys
X 2.08 Mass Transit Operations Management and Support Services   X 6.01b Geological and Geophysical Studies
__ 2.09 Aviation   X 6.02 Bridge Foundation Studies
__ 2.10 Mass Transit Program (Systems) Marketing   X 6.03 Hydraulic and Hydrological Studies (Soils and Foundation)
    X 6.04a Laboratory Materials Testing
3. HIGHWAY DESIGN ROADWAY   X 6.04b Field Testing and Roadway Construction Materials
X 3.01 Two-Lane or Multi-Lane Rural Generally Free Access Highway Design   X 6.05 Hazard Waste Site Assessment Studies
X 3.02 Two-Lane or Multi-Lane with Curb and Gutter Generally Free Access Highways Design Including Storm Sewers  
X 3.03 Two-Lane or Multi-Lane Widening and Reconstruction, with Curb and Gutter and Storm Sewers in Heavily Developed Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Urban Areas   X 8.01 Construction Supervision
  X 9.01 Erosion, Sedimentation, and Pollution Control and Comprehensive Monitoring Program
X 3.04 Multi-Lane, Limited Access Expressway Type Highway Design   X 9.02 Rainfall and Runoff Report
X 3.05 Design of Urban Expressway and Interstate   X 9.03 Field Inspections for Compliance of Erosion and Sedimentation Control Devices Installations
X 3.06 Traffic Operations Studies  
X 3.07 Traffic Operations Design
X 3.08 Landscape Architecture



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Date of Expiration