Gainesville City View Center Pedestrian Bridge

MA, with input from architectural and electrical subcontractors, produced an approved concept design for the project. Coordination with regulatory and approving authorities was accomplished. MA and subconsultants prepared plans and specifications for the project. Components of the design included architectural, civil, structural, electrical, geotechnical, and survey services, and cost analysis.

MA compiled bid documents and advertisements and held a pre-bid conference and analyzed bids. Services provided by MA extended to providing assistance in obtaining an executed construction contract. During the construction phase, MA scheduled and conducted a preconstruction conference.

2012 Best Bridge |Structural Design Award - Georgia Partnership for Transportation Quality 

Non-Motorized Bridge Design/Structural Design




Concept Development


Bidding Assistance

Comprehensive Construction Services

Design Review

Material Testing

  • General Aesthetics

    Low-Maintenance Costs

  • Unusual and Varied Architecture Elements