Buddy Gratton, PE ~ President

Buddy Gratton, PE joined MA in 2009 following retirement from GDOT where he last held the position of Deputy Commissioner. He was named President of MA in October 2010 and serves as Principal in Charge for all engineering projects. This responsibility extends to projects and programs within four GDOT districts as well as projects with the Tennessee Department of Transportation. Among the positions held by Buddy Gratton during his 26-year career with GDOT was Preconstruction Director.

He aided in the development of the PDP and its modification for small and quick turnaround projects and also in the development of GDOT’s Off-System Safety Program and in the development of design standards for safety features. Buddy served as State Maintenance Engineer where he directed responses to off-system safety projects. His thorough knowledge of not only the theory but the practicality of safety features makes him an asset on every project in his charge. Another highlight of Buddy Gratton’s tenure as Bridge Engineer was coordination of inspections of 2,000 top-side inspections and 700 inspections of bridges to determine damages caused by Hurricane Alberto. His role included coordination of emergency repairs by GDOT personnel and private contractors. MA projects in which Buddy has and is playing a major role at MA include:

I-16/I-75 Interchange in Bibb County, GA. Project encompasses a freeway-to-freeway interchange between the two interstate highways; widening and reconstruction of local roads within the corridor; and bridge construction/re-construction.

I-95/Horse Stamp Road Interchange in Camden County, GA. Project involves constructing a diamond interchange and replacement of an existing, sub-standard bridge over I-95.

South LaGrange Loop in Troup County, GA. Project consists of construction of two-lane roadway on new location to connect SR 219 at Pegasus Parkway to US 29 / SR 14 (West Point Road) at the intersection of Fling Road. Multiple bridges are part of the project.