Windy Hill Road Improvements

The improvements proposed under this project widened approximately 1.37 miles of Windy Hill Road in Cobb County between US 41/Cobb Pkwy (MP 5.20) and Spectrum Circle/Interstate North Pkwy (MP 6.57). West of I-75, the five existing 12-foot lanes were widened to six 11-foot lanes with a 20-foot raised median. East of I-75, the seven existing 12-foot lanes were reconstructed as six 11-foot lanes with an 18-foot raised median.

Sixteen-foot urban shoulders with 5-foot sidewalks and 6-foot landscaping strip are located along Windy Hill Road throughout the project limits. In addition, the intersections at South Park Place, Interstate North Parkway West, Spectrum Circle, and the freeway ramps were upgraded with additional turn lanes and raised medians. Where feasible, some commercial driveways between South Park Place and I-75 were closed and consolidated to reduce the number of access points onto Windy Hill Road. Interparcel connections were used where feasible. No structural modifications had been planned for either the I-75 overpass or the Rottenwood Creek Bridge.

One roundabout was introduced into the design of the side streets. The T-intersection of Corporate Plaza and Target Drive allows free-flowing traffic movements except for a stop condition at Target Drive. The project provided a new driveway between the Waffle House and the Best Western Hotel buildings, making this a 4-way intersection. A roundabout was placed at this intersection to improve traffic flow.


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