Georgia Transportation Enhancement

Advertising - Information on requesting and reviewing bids for your project.
Air and Noise - Information on assessing air quality and noise impacts.
Categorical Exclusion - Information on preparing the Categorical Exclusion document.
Concept - Information on completing the Concept Report.
Construction - Information on general construction reporting, DBE reporting, financial reporting and TE Agreements.
Design - Information on preparing design plans and utility certifications.
Ecology - Information on preparing the ecology report.
NTP for PE - Information on selecting a consultant.
Reevaluation - Contains the Reevaluation and Environmental Validation (EV) forms.
Right of Way - Information on preparing ROW plans and acquiring ROW and easements.
Section 106 - Information on preparing the Section 106 worksheet.
TE Sponsor Guidebook July 2011.pdf - TE Sponsor Guidebook July 2011 in .pdf format.